Friday, December 2, 2011

Unique Start to 2012

Thinking about my business also means thinking about my unique abilities and understanding how to use them better and get rid of the other stuff (thanks Alynn for the work here).

That being said, I have focused more time on providing you with webinars and workshops, downloads and services that focus you on developing your leadership. One of my unique abilities is facilitation - so guess what?
The Goal Getter 2012 Webinar is coming to you on December 9th at 1pm EST.  You must be on this webinar - it will cost you nothing except for 1 hour of your time and a little head-space around your goals.

Check out all the information here - Goal Getters 2012.

Are you planning resolutions for 2012?  Join me and change that to goals - easier to accomplish, better for your self-esteem!

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