Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Someone New: Michele Scism

I have met wonderful people in 2010.  It is easy to meet people with all the social media networks available to us.  But connecting with someone in a meaningful way takes time and effort.

Meet my friend Michele.  She is a dynamic, wonderful woman who has a heart that beats for everyone.  Her passion and determination to help women create the successful businesses is awesome  I spent time in session with her as well as get her blogs and newsletters.  Michele is always ready to share ideas, plans and next steps along with get you involved in things that can help you move your business to new levels.

I am introducing you to Michele because she helped me.  Who have you introduced to others, that can help them?  Is this part of your 2011 strategy for relationship-building?

Check out Michele's website - very cool with lots of super information!

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Michele Scism said...

Thank you Lora. What an honor to be mentioned on your blog. This is why I love what I do - I feel so blessed that I have met and worked with so many amazing people just like you.

Thanks, Michele