Friday, January 28, 2011

The 4 R's of Execution

Routine, Repetition, Recognition, Results

Execution requires good direction from the leader. More importantly it requires focused attention on details to get the job done well.

Using the four R's can help you get the execution you are looking for, from your team or yourself.

Have a routine. Make sure the team knows it or you follow it.

Repetition in important. Repeating instructions for questions, repeating work processes can make efficiency happen as well as improve quality.

Provide recognition as execution is in progress. This will help move the project along, inspire continued effort and even build self-esteem.

Expect results and follow up to get them. By showing the team what the results could look like and how it would make a difference to them you are setting the benchmark for execution.

Use the R's...they R simple and get you and your team to execute.

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