Monday, January 24, 2011

Credit-Do You Get It?

People are always looking for credit. Even if they say they don't want it, deep down they really do...even if they are simply going to give it to themselves. Credit is recognition...not the monetary kind.

How do you go and get credit for what you do well? For what you are attempting?

1-give credit to others, they will follow your example
2-Energize and inspire others
3-Create a motivating environment
4-Tell the story. Telling success stories inspires others and also develops an environment to continue to do the same. Your credit comes back to you from the implementation.
5- celebrate success. Recognize publicly..helps to show that results are rewarded, recognized and shared.
6-Take responsibility. It can be difficult to do this for something that did not turn out as expected but it also shows your team that you are there for everything..good, bad or ugly.
7-Set goals. Part of getting or giving credit is having a reason, a goal to aspire to, and then naturally measuring your way there.

In other words, what I have taken quite a few lines to say is that It's About Others, not about you.

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