Monday, July 6, 2015

The Mañana Effect

Mañana means tomorrow in Spanish.

When I hear Mañana, I think of my lazy vacations in Mexico, relaxing in the sun, drinks with lots fruit, fresh seafood and of course the beach.  What could be further from getting things done than that image?

This time of year tends to lend itself to putting things off until the Summer is over and the school year kicks back in.  How do you eliminate the ‘mañana effect’? (also known as Summertime Procrastinators Dilemma)

For yourself:
  • develop and try to stick to a Summer work routine - by doing this, you can build in some flex time for fun stuff
  • set 2-3 small goals for each week and then write “DONE” all over them when you have completed them - feels good & you can look back later and see how productive you were (and can be again).
  • be more flexible with your schedule - starting a little earlier instead of staying late, putting in some extra time on the rainy days
  • DO the Work!!  or delegate it and follow up on what you expect.

For your team:
  • have more frequent & much shorter update meetings to help everyone stay on track
  • take a lunch break outside together - have fun playing outdoor games or even simply blowing bubbles - be kids again & let loose
  • schedule some extra time off in the Summer months, working through this together as a team - perhaps just an extra afternoon off or a later start time once each month can be a reward for eliminating the mañana effect

For your current clients/future clients:
  • book the rest of the Summer meetings now - if you have a schedule of implementation to follow with them, they will be less inclined to cancel or not book the appointments later
  • let them know that your Summer is filling up, time to get on the calendar is now, giving them only 2 or 3 options from which to choose will help eliminate procrastination
  • take the appointments somewhere fun or interesting, not just in the office or their boardroom - get outside at a cafe, or bring a summer treat to the meeting….it will relax the atmosphere just a little & perhaps change the outcome a lot.

If you have tips for eliminating the ‘mañana effect’….please share!

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