Monday, July 20, 2015

The Difference Between Excellent & Perfect

The difference in time it takes you to get from excellent to perfect is a waste of your precious time. Period.

The difference in money it takes to get from excellent to perfect is a waste of money that could be better invested elsewhere.

The difference in what your customers see from excellent to perfect is invisible.

From the quote, and even from your own work, you can see it takes such a lot of hard work to get to excellent.  When everyone tends to interpret perfect in their own way, how will you ever succeed at reaching perfection? (Somewhere in here is the law of diminishing returns)

How are you calculating the wasted time & money that is spent on making a minute move from excellent to perfect that the most important people won’t even know exists?  And if do invest this time & money, how are you going to justify the upcharge to your customers?

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