Monday, May 25, 2015

Are We A Fit?

As leaders, we often need to help our teams 'fit' together.  This 'fit' reaches far beyond our corporate culture, it also is a requirement for our clients.

Many times, and especially in regular transactional businesses (retail, wholesale etc), clients or customers self-select in and out of 'fit'.  They decide if they align with the brand and what it represents; they decide if they are going to make a purchase of a specific product....they are in control.

In 2 places (and I am sure many more) there are opportunities for leaders to determine the selection:

  1. team members
  2. in the entrepreneurial world (and maybe this isn't the correct word but you will get the gist)

In the entrepreneurial world, where niches are much more narrow and defined, it is critical to understand who is the best fit for you as a client.  It is important to have a description (some say persona/profile etc) of this client so that you can do your best work.   Sometimes this is a focus that you have internally, perhaps a vetting process - other times it may be more obvious.

You can see how I created that outline on my website.

I chose to describe how I work in and what I deliver in my coaching practice to help potential clients understand expectations.  This offers them the opportunity to connect or not to based on what they read and where they see themselves - less time wasted on both sides.

How do you determine 'fit'? Or do you even bother?

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