Monday, June 1, 2015

Today I Was Mistaken for a Millenial

So I get a funny phone call today....
Asking me to quarterback a social media event for a very large Canadian organization.
Being one of the busiest weeks of my life, I cannot squeeze this in to my time.
Instead I connect the person to other real millenials to actually do the work.

Just was an interesting phone call - they specifically asked me to connect them to 'other millenials' that could help create the social buzz.  I still giggle thinking about it.  I am not the most active on social media - I like it & enjoy engaging....and while my consistency has been lacking of late (corrected now!), my name was given as a referral to this individual.  I guess the fact that I am active and understand how all this works (and am learning more everyday!), that was enough to put me into the millenial bucket.

I am a Gen X-er through & through.  I apply my geek-i-ness to technology because I love things that solve problems for others; love to figure out how things work; I love to be creative, innovate and find new ways to apply learning....if all of that makes me a millenial then I gladly embrace the new moniker.

Here is the lesson - you can always teach others and learn from others; you can allow, NO, encourage people to be who they are without adding a nickname to it. (My husband is a Gen X-er too, at the very early end of the spectrum, but if I were to really call him by a generational nickname it would be Baby Boomer! - see what I mean?).  BONUS - connecting people together is why we are here - to share who knows what with others, for no other reason than to be helpful.

We need to honour people for who they are and what they bring to us - for as long as they are a part of our team/group/family.  And smile at the differences and similarities - they bring us together and help us move forward.

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