Monday, January 26, 2015

Time to Develop Your Bench

It's January....and everyone, including you, is working on developing performance plans & annual appraisals,  analyzing employee survey results and figuring out just how they are going to get from here to the end of the year with the team they have on the budget they have with the workload that is already somewhat crushing....

What they (and you) really need is a plan.

This plan is all about Developing the Bench Strength you have on your and emerging leaders need to know they are a priority for developing key leadership skills that will help keep momentum headed in the right direction (forward!) and that they are a valuable part of the team.

Just launching today on MakeItActionable...custom workshops that will help you get this in place for your organization.

Face it - do you really have the time to figure all of this out? - workshops, action steps (that are truly actionable!), feedback, coaching, mentoring and discussion + facilitation and RESULTS!

It's already done for you.  Check it out & let's get this in place right away - waiting will only cause you more pain....let's resolve it right now!

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