Friday, January 2, 2015

Year of the Brave - Next.....

2014 has passed.  The Year of the Brave is over.
What have I learned with this challenge to myself?
Here you go:

  • I am more comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • I am more focused on achievements that mean something to me and not those watching
  • I know more about who I am and what pushes me further
  • I am happy, happier than I have ever 
  • I know that even when I don't give it my all, I can back up and take another run at things without feeling overwhelm or a failure.
  • According to one client, I am happy with the feeling of 'whelm' not overwhelmed.
  • It is hard to pull people to do what I need them to or want them to do, it's really about developing trust and having them come with me, along side.
  • I work with people who are on my page, I have stopped trying to convert people 
  • I am weird, brave and uncoolly geeky....and I accept that with a huge grin on my face and a very light heart!

How about you?  What did you do in your Year of 'xxxx' 2014?

What are you looking for in 2015?

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