Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Clarity Grows Daily

As clarity develops, so do the opportunities.
Simple fact:  the clearer the picture of your future, the more quickly you can put action steps in place to get there.

What do leaders do to help create clarity?

  1. provide a clear image with words, of the future
  2. ensure team members know how they fit into the picture
  3. give time to vocalize opportunities or issues with the vision
  4. share ideas on overcoming obstacles
  5. making sure role fit & alignment is reviewed regularly
  6. live the mission & values
Clarity is key for team members to feel engaged, a part of what is in front of them.
Clarity works to provide a path to follow.
Clarity helps to keep obstacles from overcoming the objective.
Clarity eliminates 'shiny-object' syndome (read:  distractions)

Clarity is not only key for the leader of the organization - this same concept needs to be held and used at every level & with every team.

What do you do to ensure that clarity grows daily?

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