Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Brave

This has been an eventful month.....and it has no end in sight!
Leading a large group through a development day challenged me to new levels.
It was great!

Up to this point, I was feeling somewhat insecure about the expected outcomes.  I guess I had not recognized the amount of credible and deliverable work that supported the day that was way out of my realm of control.  I was/am truly grateful for the execution.

So here it is....I learned so much that day - I may have had to pretend to be ON at some points during that be BRAVE, even when I was worried and stressed - I tried my best to keep it to myself.

Here it is:

  • I got out of the way - letting others do what they needed to do was easy because they understood the vision we created and cast together.
  • I let it happen -  if a glitch arose, we tackled it.
  • I gave in to the experts - when others asked to help, I said 'sure'.
  • I checked in - spent time visiting and acknowledging and listening
  • It was about them - even though the sentences here start with 'I' (that's my personal learning), the day was about the attendees and what they could receive from the speakers, the connections and the time.
And guess what....with the thought that this would be the last event of this nature that I host....I will move on to host another next year.  I will continue to get comfortable with being uncomfortable - that is what leadership is & what it does.

What have you learned in your leadership journey this month?  Happy to have you share it here.

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