Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Power of Sharing

One thing I love to do is share - this can be called collaboration, mentoring, the end of the day - it truly is sharing.

Because it is not about me.  What I share is truly about what triggers something in my brain and/or my heart and I believe that it will resonate with my audience.
Some things that I share:

  • Seth Godin blog posts - usually everyday through LinkedIn
  • articles
  • invites on email for webinars - may have been sent to me, but I think others may want to join too.
  • Gaping Void - love Hugh's take on the world and it helps me see a different perspective + creativity ROCKS!!
  • - this was shared with me by Todd Neilsen during a blogathon & I still use it, finding really cool things to share, and others share my stuff too.
  • Todd Nielsen - I like what he says about leadership - and he is a real person, who knows what it means to reach out.
There is a lot can see it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and of course, in email boxes all around!

What do you share & why?

1 comment:

Alli said...

I find so many great things to share on Triberr it's a great reminder to me to make the time to read other people's work and share it widely.

Sharing is so easy and takes little time in many cases but if our share helps to get things in the right person's hands, who needed it most, it's worth the effort.

Thanks, Lora!