Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Human Observation

I teach an elective at the local college  - 2 sections, once per week.  Last week was mid-term test time.  After weeks of preparation, explanation and reminders, the day arrived.

Students arrived to write the test in an flurry of excitement (everyone was actually on time and waiting for the door to open from the class before to  get settle in).  They also arrived in various states of preparedness for this open book mid-term worth 20% of their mark.

As the test progressed, through the first section & then through the second, I made some very clear observations of the class that I applied as I examined myself:

  • am I prepared or not?
    • for class
    • for my clients
    • for my family
    • for my day, week, month or year
  • do I attend?
    • yes
    • no
  • am I present if I do attend?
    • ready to listen
    • ready to take notes
    • ready to participate
    • ready to absorb
Then of course, I started to question myself - how did I get here?  How did this evolve in my life?  How can I help the students I work with see this in their very immediate future?  Let's face it - this will impact them for the rest of their their jobs (current & future), in their community & in their family.

Now, I use this and check in with me before I venture off to the next person/place/thing on  my list.

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