Friday, October 11, 2013

Greatful or Grateful?

Every once in a while, I get sappy....and you, my dear readers, get to benefit from that.
This is always an emotional week for me, right around Thanksgiving, because it is the time of year when my oldest son was born.  On Wednesday he turned 21.

He is GREAT!  Like totally cool, Tony-the-Tiger GREAT! (this is not just because I am his mom - if you ever meet him you will agree!  Ask his boss!!)

I try to make this day extra special.  A birthday is the most important day of the year - this is the day each of us were put on earth to make a difference.

I almost lost him at his arrival into this world.  And in his teen years, we were forced to face that again with another health problem.  I am blessed everyday to see his smiling face.  I am grateful for his greatfulness.

Making this day special is simple - favourite foods, time together (usually shopping) and of course lots of hugs and kisses.  On our way to Freed's on Wednesday, my son made a few very interesting and mature statements.
  1. I can't believe I am 21 & can drink in the States.
  2. I have a really wonderful life and you and stepdad have allowed me to be me, and inspired me to be more like both of you.
  3. I am truly blessed to have a great family, great friends, a super girlfriend & great marks at school.
  4. I am feeling so grateful for everything.
  5. I need to take more time to reflect on everything I have, it inspires me to go for more.
Please don't take this as bragging about my son.  This was a revelation to me....I know I can see the impact of my work with my business life work of raising cool kids with great spirits and hearts...when it stands in front of you and says these words with meaning and tears in his eyes lets me know that my reach is further than I can even imagine.

Take a moment this weekend and reflect on the impact you have on the people around you.  A very smart person told me that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time that means you are part of their 'sum' do you make a difference for them?

Happy Thanksgiving....and I am grateful to you for being part of my life.

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