Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Complicated? Well, Yes and No

Leadership can be complicated.  It can be difficult to figure out....in last year's Leadercast event we focused on the topic of "Simply Lead".  Speakers of all avenues of work and life talked about how to create more simplicity, eliminate the clutter and find order in the chaos.

As leaders we need to realize a few things:

  1. life happens
  2. chaos is a regular state
  3. at the end of the day  - we can only control our reactions to all of this around us
So, if we are the only ones who can control our reactions, actions or choices, what have we done to create that simple space in our lives to process all of this.

So yes - leadership is complicated.

And no, we don't have to leave it that way.  We can create our own simplicity by doing a few really simple things:
  1. get some sleep...our brains and our bodies need to recharge and process (I am constantly amazed at the great work I can complete at 5am ...the same work that was most likely driving me crazy the afternoon before)
  2. dump out what is floating around in our heads - we are always thinking - new ideas, problem-solving and creating.....by dumping them out onto a flipchart, iPad, sharing with others (including a coach, like me!) can help us sort and compartmentalize or prioritize what should take place next
  3. exercise - the energy we build from good cardio and strength work outs is really an opportunity to clear our minds and focus on something completely different while taking care of ourselves and even pushing us to new limits (something leaders need to be challenged to do)
  4. stop & listen -  taking time with your team, your mentor, your family and friends engaged in good conversation means staying present and listening.  This again is focused attention...a great way to take a break from the complicated leadership lives we lead and streamline our breathing by engaging with others- and we may learn things too.
So - yes and no - leadership can be complicated if we allow it to be.  Try not to, okay?

PS - had to do a shameful plug on dumping out your thoughts with me because many clients  say this is one of the greatest values they get from our coaching relationship.

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