Friday, July 20, 2012

Simplify Part 2

A quick update to keep you posted on the Simplify focus of 2012.
It has not been easy. In fact, yesterday was ' shiny object day'.  Bless my clients and appointments for sticking with me.  I do find that there are days when I can get easily distracted.  Fortunately, my clients seem to have some of the same tendencies because we are all so engaged in what we do, work to learn more about how to make a difference and want to make sure we cover every single point so that we do not miss something imperative (for the moment) and waste time later.

Simplifying my life has been so refreshing.  

  • It has become easier to say NO to what needs a NO.  
  • It has become easier to not explain myself to others and work towards staying focused instead.
  • I have become focused on giving and connecting as opposed to getting and collecting (a huge weight off my shoulders & my heart!)
  • I have been able to transfer these same processes and feeling from work to everyday life - a good goal right?!
Part of simplification is making sure that my goals still align to this philosophy.  Looking at my first half 2012 goals, I know that I am on track with execution (where the numbers may not match particularly), and I know where I need to focus to finish 2012 strong!  Best part is, that there are things in the work for launch in the back half that will help me fulfil my plan even though, when I created the plan, the look of those particular items were not exactly what I thought would evolve.  Trusting in the universe to provide certainly works - putting out the right vibrations enable the laws of attraction (laws of nature) to work through us.

Have you started to simplify your life?  What is working?  What is slipping away from you?  Let's talk and see if we can help each other figure this out.

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