Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I must confess that I have broken the first rule of being present in social media.....
I took a break.
I stopped publishing and tweeting unless it was an in-the-moment thing.
And guess what?

I had a few followers ask if I was okay.  I had a few followers tell me they missed me (thanks btw) but mostly, it felt like I was a blip and perhaps not as relevant as I thought.

Well, I took time to think about this - if I only influence one person to make a change, to become better, to focus more, then I have accomplished something great.  I am taking my own personal focus to a new level, becoming more streamlined, finding more bloggers, creative minds and thought leaders to follow as well as comment in their space.  This I can attribute to research - or curiosity and learning from the best ( as I see the best).  This time has been beneficial - showing me that I like to blog - that I like to tweet and follow.  At the same time, I have found what I don't like and have made those changes as well.  I guess as a time-out, it worked!

So did it hurt to break the rules?  Not at all. In fact, I think I just re-wrote them for myself.

How often do you find time to break the rules, stray from the norm - the expected, to see where it can take you?  What do you do with this fresh info?  Do you work hard to change the habit or routine, or do you stick it out anyway?

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Frank Abbruzzese said...

So good to see you back and you were missed! Rules? My understanding is rules were made to be broken for the better good of everyone as required.

Sticking to it to meet obligations, expectations and the right thing to do works most of the time.

Breaking or changing the rules is necessary from time to time. I still do business on a hand-shake after all these years of great processes and credit applications we have created.

Lora, you are automatically a Net 30good client anytime we do business over a coffee with no "red tape"