Monday, March 19, 2012

New Look....New Posting Plan

Starting this week, Leadership Solstice will have a few new things going on....but before I describe them - and you can already see the new background - tell me what you think....

I would like to thank all my subscribers, readers and make a difference to me every post.  I appreciate your loyalty...please keep sharing, learning and passing along great information and posts or blogs to follow.

Why New?
Well, with my decision to simplify this year, running 3 blogs gets to be a little difficult and then it gets sporadic and I am not doing any justice to the blogs, the topic and most importantly subscribers.  I have decided to post everything here at Leadership Solstice because everything culminates here - the most traffic, the most subscribers and if you think about the solstice itself, it is the time (and place) where the sun is at it's peak.....everything should be here in one the peak of my leadership focus.

You will find posts brought over from Solstice Life and from Leadership Not to Do (edited and reformatted to have new insights, details and thoughts)....those blogs will close down.....and I will still be looking for your input, your thoughts and comments and most importantly your ideas on what to do, how to do it and why...all in the name of leadership!

Looking forward to hanging out with you here!

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