Monday, March 26, 2012

Decompression at it's Finest

How to Decompress?

No matter who you lead, what business you are in or what you do need a chance to decompress.  That can be a simple as a glass of wine and a good book or up to a vacation where you sit on the beach for a few days and do nothing.

It is amazing the break you brain needs to take.  When you come back refreshed and raring to go....things seem to fall into place faster, clients pick up the phone more often and we simply seem to have a more positive approach to everything going on around us.

Do you take time to ensure that you have this 'decompression'?  Do you observe the need for decompression for those on your team?

What are the signals you look for that tell you a break may be required - a break from the project or maybe even a break from you?

Here is a quick story:  having taken a vacation a few weeks ago with a few friends, we came up with some great new business ideas that are both innovative, easy to implement and at the root of our passions.  By taking time away from the day to day, we were able to find a great way to work together.

Think about can you help foster decompression.....and in the end innovation.

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