Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do You Keep Relationships Going?

With all the opportunities to gather communities around yourself - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ YouTube and do you keep all of these relationships in motion?

It is not easy.  Start with understanding why you are building relationships this way....or are you really?  Some people gather as many connections/contacts/friends as they can without purpose.  Well, I guess that is not quite true - the purpose they have is to get the most...instead of the best.

What does that mean?  Those who have the most do not necessarily have the best relationships.  In fact, they may struggle understanding how they met someone at all.

Keeping relationships going to critical to success in building your business and developing a client base.  How you interact with your connections/friends/followers, really can help spread the word for you and your business.  By not communicating, not providing introductions (because although they are on your contact list, you do not know them) does nothing but erode your brand...and online - what else do you actually have?

Pay attention to the relationships....if you are only in the gathering business, be up front about it.
Pay attention to the relationships....if you are only going to sell, then say so.
Pay attention to the is your brand on the line.

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