Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Do I Have a Coach?

Funny, I was asked that today. In fact I have more than one. I have one for my business, and one for marketing + I have a mentor. It helps me develop my skills in these areas. These coaches still ask questions and invite me to shift my thinking and my ways to move my business forward....being an entrepreneur and a coach, I need help with these perspectives too. And it works.

It is funny when clients wonder why I have a coach. I may not be an expert in everything, except I am an expert in creating the shift for you with questions, challenges, options and new perspectives. I am also really good ( I am told) at putting your challenges and goals into succinct phrases that encapsulate your thoughts. It's how I work.

So the answer is...just like a coach makes an athlete better through specific and measured focus, so do I need this specific measured focus and it is what I will do for you and your business.

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