Monday, June 27, 2011

Best Place to Work

There are surveys and studies for the 'best place to work', but how do you know everyday that your place is e best place to work? you have happy employees -like truly happy, genuinely engaging with others, whether clients or colleagues and ready to help for the love of the work and the company? you have a productive workplace where work actually gets done, on time or in advance, exceeding your customer's expectations

...does your team take pride in the fact they work for you or do they hide it? Do they proudly wear the company t-shirt or logo...or do they make sure to put it on after they get to work?

These are only three indicators, there are many more. Check out Happy Staff Happy Company... they provide cool survey....for free that can help you figure some of this out and more.

Don't forget people leave leaders, not companies....when they where the colours, they are wearing the brand, they are representing YOU.

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