Friday, April 8, 2011

Would You Work for You?

Entrepreneurs can get so focused on working on business projects that they forget to get out and about to acquire new business or investigate emerging markets, work on developing new projects. The 'need to' thoughts start to pop up.

" I need to market like I used to", "I need to do my financials regularly", " I need to know where my business is growing", and the biggest one of all " I need to understand if I still want to do this".

Take a moment to turn the 'need to' thoughts into specific opportunities as if the business had an army of employees. If those same questions were asked by the leadership of the company what would happen? The one question that would come back is 'why aren't you doing that?'. Would you work for a leader who asked these questions?

To be considered even further is the ' I still want to do this' thought. A leader needs to be fully vested or have the courage to completely change direction, if that is truly what it takes. An employee considers the following when working for a happy they are, the income they make, if they are passionate about the business, if there is a challenge within the business? Take the same measurements as an entrepreneur to determine if the ' still want to do this' opportunity still exists.

Determining if you still want to work for you is the key to success for your business.

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