Friday, April 15, 2011

The Soft Side of Leadership

Leaders develop skills, some are innate and need to be polished. There are soft skills and hard skills. Soft are interior and show outwardly through the heart and soul of the leader. Hard skills are tactical and executionary ( don't worry, I'll write on this too!)

Review this list and put a check mark next to each soft leadership skill that applies to you.

Decision making
Communication skills
Self motivation
Influencing others
Relationship builder

  • Go back through the list and put an arrow pointing up next to the items which you need to develop in the next 6 months.P
  • Put a dot next to the items that are categorized in your mind as your strengths.
  • Take the arrow items and write them out in the boxes below. Develop actions that can help you over the next 6 months, move in a new direction with these skills. Here are a few examples:
1- creativity....use the brainstorming app for iPod or iPad and brainstorm on a timer instead of jumping to the first answer in your head. Use at least 4 times in the next month to solve problems.

2- networking....attend 3 networking events in the next six months with the goal of meeting 3 new people by simply asking them about themselves....what do they do, why did they chose to attend this networking event?

  • Look at the dotted items. Why do you consider these your strengths? Write down your answer next to each one.
  • If you are bold, or confident, ask others ( at least 3 people) if they consider these same items your strengths and why. You'll be amazed at the feedback. Also, if you are really feeling gutsy....ask if they have any other suggestions.

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