Monday, April 11, 2011

Be an Effective Solo Business Leader

Business owners who fly solo need to understand their level of effectiveness. Each business would measure this differently so here is a quick list to determine two things-effective true or false and how effective:

1. Reflect upon experiences to become more discerning in selecting clients, projects and goals.

2. Understand what to let go of and what to pursue based on the goals of the business.

3. Create a like to do/don't like to do list and compare it against how each item affects attitude, motivation, ability to complete work, reach goals

4. Take time to reflect and consider what is working and why. Is there a pattern that links the 'working' together?

5. When I tackle the items that are in the pending file, what is the outcome in attitude and and performance?

6. Determine what projects build confidence.

7. Determine if ' the main thing is the main thing'.

8. Understand if where time is invested is paying back in revenue or leads.

Looking at every item on the list is really focusing on what is a nice to do versus a need to do. When nice to do produces cash, the need to do becomes easier. At the beginning, many entrepreneurs focus on the nice to do instead of the need to do to be effective and then move toward operating a nice to do business all the time.

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