Friday, December 10, 2010

Surround Yourself

Picture yourself in the middle of this circle.  You are the leader of this new team.

You have empty chairs around you.
You get the opportunity to select your own team.
Who are you going to choose?

As a leader, who you surround yourself with makes a huge impact on product or service your clients will receive.  As a leader, you need to surround yourself with experts in each area of your responsibility.  Why?  Good Leaders know that they are not the expert at everything, and they need great people around them to help them accomplish the agenda set out before create the best product or service for their know that they can count on the team to execute.

Now take a few minutes and do the exercise. Who would you want on your team?  Why do you want that particular individual there?  What will they bring to the table, that you need at the table?

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