Monday, December 27, 2010

My Travels in Coaching

My travels in coaching have taken me on somewhat of a fishing expedition this year.  I have spent some time reflecting on my journey and have had some eye-opening thoughts.  I'm going to let you in on what I learned this past year:
  1. keep focused on the main thing - it's easy to get distracted and go off a tangent because there are so many things to do as an entrepreneur
  2. work your numbers monthly - I need to stay on top of my bookkeeping - not my favourite thing, but I do need to do it more regularly (watch for this as a goal in 2011)
  3. there are many people out there excited about their business - I learned a great deal from them by asking questions and listening
  4. be selective - by attempting to be involved in everything, I would have no time to work with clients properly or on my business at all, let alone find time for family and balance
  5. people are ready to share - experiences, challenges, ideas, referrals - I just need to ask and do the same in return
Now, if every time I went fishing, I caught fish like these, I would never have to buy fish again.  Taking time to reflect and look at your business from a different vantage point can help you see new things, or old things in new ways.

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