Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time is Ticking

Leadership is about time ....and making it work for you through your team.
Time is governed by the universe, the sun especially.

A solstice is the turning point, the time when the earth turns toward or away from the sun.  Solstice is a time of change, of moving in a new direction.  How is your Leadership Solstice?

Are you experiencing the longest days of leadership or the shortest days?  Handling issues,  putting out fires, wishing there was more time in the day or that the day would just end?

The Leadership Solstice is about creating a new vision for your leadership.  Whether at work, in your home or in your community, you leadership is under your control.  You get to decide if it will be the longest or shortest day of your week, year or life. 

The Leadership Solstice will provide articles, leadership support and references, tools to continue to move your leadership vision forward and make it become reality.

Please provide your insights and feedback.  If you find this is inspirational, useful or even entertaining please provide a donation to support the continued postings of the Leadership Solstice.

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