Thursday, January 2, 2014

People Like Us 2.0

In 2013 I attempted to put together a group called 'People Like Us' that would focus on sharing our art (a la Seth Godin) and it did not come together at all - reason:  ME!!

I missed the boat on how to get it off the ground and keep it running.

In 2014 I will try again.  This time from a virtual world perspective that can connect others together.
Here is the plan:

  1. start with inviting local bloggers to join my tribe on
  2. help them use the platform and share what they post - because I am in more than one tribe, the reach can grow!
  3. continue to invite bloggers to participate - subject and content matters - make it worthwhile and valuable
The objective:  develop a gathering place that helps us share what we know so that we can grow together.

Benefit - get to know more people, grow our circles of influence

If you would like to join, feel free.  
You need to follow the 'share' rules (share, and share some more)
Invite others you know to join as well.....

If you have questions, just ask!!

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