Monday, January 6, 2014

A Partner with Focus

I am so lucky!
I am part of a fantastic group of people who are focused on developing leadership competencies for the 21st century!

Part of this opportunity comes with a coach  - a coach for me, the coach!!
What I love best about our calls each week (the calls are to keep me focused on developing my business around these great lunch & learn style workshops) is the fact that each time, the wonderful Ms D asks me 2 things - how can she help me & what is the BRAVE thing I am doing this week or month that she can help me stay focused on.

OMG!!!  Funny, that as I coach I say that, but it helps to validate your own perspective especially at the start of a new year.

I am grateful for this partner who keeps me focused.  I need to this help me keep my own clients focused.

What do you do to help others maintain their focus?  be the coach for the coach, as it were?

As leaders, our role is to be there for others.  Who is there for you?  Let me be there for you.  Send a line, connect online or email anytime!

Happy 2014!!

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