Monday, December 30, 2013

Rearview Mirror of 2013

Before we dig into the New Year, we should really take a quick look in the rear view mirror to see how this past year, 2013, finished.

As leaders, looking in our rearview mirror - we much prefer to keep forging ahead.  So - we still need to  - this is where we can learn, recognize, reflect and refocus.

Here is what I have been looking at so that I can move ahead in new & BRAVE ways:

  • people who have improved, impacted or simply been a part of my work
  • work that took way to long and way to much energy  (what did I learn from that?)
  • new clients & new network connections
  • what I started
  • what I ended & why
  • the numbers - of course (.....I operate a private practice to make a living)
  • time spent in personal pursuits - not just work
  • events hosted, both professional and personal
  • my goal list for 2013 - how far did I get, what did I miss, what is no longer relevant (because we all know that does happen!)
It has been an enjoyable few weeks of planning for 2014...all by using that rearview mirror.

Enjoy the last days of the year 2013.....2014 is just around the corner and is bound to be even better, because as leaders, we are even better!

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