Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Success Takes Time

The road to success is long....it truly is a journey.
As leaders, our focus should be on success everyday - no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant - the simple fact that we continue to have forward momentum is clearly the point of what we do.

How to build that forward momentum you ask?  Here are a few ideas that could work (especially heading into preparation for the new year):

  1. define what success looks like -  a visual picture that you can describe is helpful to all around you
  2. team meetings to ensure that everyone is on the same page - it is worth the time, effort and dollars to have a facilitated session that focuses everyone on priorities
  3. provide recognition along the way - letting team members know (and reminding yourself too) that accomplishments have been made help everyone see momentum building
  4. provide a visual image of progress like a thermometer or a speedometer that can be coloured in, showing progress to key milestones
  5. make course corrections quickly - having checkpoints with key leaders or owners of goals can help with debriefing and verifying that everyone is still on track, providing assistance and feedback quickly
  6. work hard to eliminate 'shiny objects' that can create sidetracking that does not keep the focus on the goals at hand.  This can be done by using a 'parking lot' for items or opportunities that do not align and at the same time could be good for the business in the future...bring them up after the first goals are accomplished to see where they fit.
It's hard work staying on the track to success.  Focus is required.  Tell me some ways in which you maintain your focus along the way.

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