Monday, February 28, 2011

Grow Rich #2

Keep aware of the endless combinations of the circumstances of life.

This quote gave me a refreshing insight to the way I look at things that happen to me and around me.  If for only one split second, a change took place, it would affect everything, including the outcome.
Point:  everything that happens is for a reason, take it for what it is worth and run with it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Grow Rich Update

As I mentioned in an earlier post....actually, way back at the end of December, I would update you on my learning from the awesome book by Napoleon Hill 'Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind'.

I have collected a series of quotes that put the book into perspective for me - good lessons and thoughts.  The next few posts will carry the theme.

Here is the first set:

Every adversity has within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

and along with that came the thought -

close the door to your past.

My thoughts go back to this often.  I know that we need to travel the road we have been on to become who we are.  I never thought though, that I may need to close the door to my past so that the hurt that is there will go away and no longer come back to me, leaving me with the lessons that I continue to build upon everyday.

Have you read the book?  What are your thoughts on this?

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Zappos Tour Experience

Truly, this is Tony - his office is in the middle of everything!!!

Do you know about Have you read Tony Hsieh and Delivering Happiness? If not, you have no idea what you are missing. After having read this awesome book last summer, I wondered if the culture that it portrayed existed in real life?

Lo and behold, I found that had not only a great blog and twitter-buddies for me, but an Insights team and a tour – for free – at their office in Las Vegas!

My husband and I took the tour in January. It was awesome! The book and real life are authentic. What a way to lead and live. Congratulations to the team at for making the world a better place!  You need to read this book!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Success Formula


Delivering on vision + dealing with the here and now= Success

What is your formula for Success?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some Habits of Leadership

Getting into the groove of the New Year...a month has already passed us by.  What have you been doing to cement good habits of leadership?

Here are some to consider:

  1. Leaders are always at the intersection, ready to change, even morph-ready, determined, passionate, agile.
  2. Build relationships before you need them.
  3. Take care of tomorrow where a follower or manager takes care of today
  4. Is concerned with results not activity. Results make you think, activity is a to do list.
  5. Measures success, recognizes results.
  6. Plans
  7. Has a vision and shares it
  8. Communicates
  9. Accepts responsibility
  10. Moves on, forward
It takes courage to stand up and speak, it also takes courage to sit down and listen -Winston Churchill