Monday, May 9, 2011

Keep Talent

Of all the assets a company can have, it’s talent is the most needed and easily distracted away. 
Strong words, sure, but if your business relies on the expertise of the people within, you will need to do a great  job of keeping that talent on board.  There are a number of triggers that can keep your talent with you.  You will need to assess and analyze what your talent is looking for in a long-term relationship with you.  This can be predicated by the generational make up of your team too.  The best way to do determine how to keep your talent is to ask them. 
There have been a great number of books, articles and blogs written on keeping talent by the generation.  Have a look at “Bridging the Generation Gap” by Linda Gravett & Robin Throckmorton – there is a lot to learn, in an easy read.

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