Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Tried Twitter....and I LIKE It!

I have recently become at Twitter junkie....I was worried that when I got my account started I would become addicted and never put down my Blackberry or get off the laptop.  Luckily a colleague helped me sort this out and I actually plan time each day to get onto Twitter and look at the tweets, find new people to follow, send some and reply to some, even retweet.  I have met an interesting array of people, and can now follow all that interest me.

But a junkie - I am now getting into the habit of showing others how effective it can be.  For me Twitter is a learning tool, a way to get myself into new networks and attract potential clients.  Twitter is all about business...I keep my personal life out of it.  After all, who needs to know what I am doing this weekend unless I would like you to attend a business-related event with me!

The lesson here is TRY IT.  Try something new to get out into the world.  I have learned a lot already from others and hope that by people following me, they can also learn and develop.  The world is getting smaller so why not try to meet as many people as possible?

Leadership Solstice

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