Monday, November 9, 2015

An Impression & Validation

In private practice and working 1:1 with business owners, there are many different ways to know if you have left an impression.  Most of the time this deals with the goals my clients set, and how I hold them accountable to the steps they create to get there.

This Summer, one of my clients was travelling in Spain and took a photo of a bar that is completely covered in post-it notes - with names and locations of everyone who has stepped into the bar.  He said he immediately thought of me.

I work with flipcharts, post it notes of all sizes and apps of post it notes of all types depending on the client and project and its needs.  I was honoured that he thought of me while on his trip....he took this photo to share with me in his next session.  It made me feel that I had left a mark...I had influenced his thinking.  Funny to call it validation - it just feels good.

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