Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Things to Do After It Comes All Together

Okay, BREAK!
The plan is in place, the job is to go execute.
It has all come together.......after a great deal of negotiation, compromise and long meetings, your team has arrived at the point of implementation.

Now what?
Well, a few things need to happen:

  1. you need to communicate the vision to the rest of the organization, getting everyone to see how they fit into the big picture
  2. you need to ensure that you have built in time to reconnect and regroup, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page
  3. you need to make sure you have a formula in place to deal with obstacles (weekly meetings, an online reporting platform, a 5-minute check in every morning, as examples)
  4. you need to celebrate the successes along the way, especially as other team members get on board with the plan
  5. you need to share experiences so that everyone stays engaged and continues with the plan, eventually developing this habit
This is by no means a comprehensive list, although it is a good place to start.  Tweaking and adding the this outline so that it becomes a model for your specific plan/change/launch will help you get everyone moving in the same direction.....forward!

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