Monday, February 9, 2015

What Does It Look Like in Your Head?

Does the inside of your head look like this?
All of my clients have this going on.
And it is awesome to help them clear out the stuff, get it onto flipcharts and really align priorities.
Are you ready for this?  Only the Brave dare check in and set up a time to dump out everything that is in there.....
This will be the best way to stay focused and organized all year through.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Accidents aka the art of listening

Happy accidents can come from anywhere.  I have had the luxury (blessing, gift) to benefit from learning from my clients.  

As a coach, I work hard to ask the right questions, listen to the responses and leave white-space or quiet to allow each of us to digest the information before we move on.

This is truly a wonderful experience and I am grateful the for the lightbulbs and 'ah-ha' moments that develop.  I am even more grateful when I can take the learning my clients have achieved and apply it inwardly to myself or my own business; even share the thoughts with other clients that may be heading in the same direction.

In the last month, from listening, many happy accidents have developed.

  • unplugged time - white space days
  • dropped projects that weren't focused on my priorities
  • unspent money for tools that would not align with my focus
  • reached out to new people to share and connect
Now, I am looking for happy accidents everywhere. 

Have you had any happy accidents in the last month?