Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year! New App! New You!

One of my big accomplishments in 2013 was to develop an App - with my partner in our Online Coaching Business called Solution Linx.  Now our focus is on marketing this app - how do we get people to click, try it out, provide reviews and share their ideas.

Part of this starts with creating a buzz - getting the word out there - and you can help!
There is always so much to learn, and we took this on without knowing what we were getting into - now we are reaching out - seeking experts who can help us make a difference because this App-thing is addictive - now that coaching is at our fingertips, there is an endless list of things we think we can do to make more apps that can help more people.

And it all started with a small idea, that grew - like the engine that could - the idea that grew.  And as technology is enabling us to keep dreaming and developing, so is the idea taking on new forms and formats.

What a wonderful world we live in.

Try out the Personal Growth, Professional Success or Health & Wellness App.

After all - it's a New Year!  A new App! and we are always focusing on improving ourselves - so a New You!  too.

All the best for 2014.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Rearview Mirror of 2013

Before we dig into the New Year, we should really take a quick look in the rear view mirror to see how this past year, 2013, finished.

As leaders, looking in our rearview mirror - we much prefer to keep forging ahead.  So - we still need to  - this is where we can learn, recognize, reflect and refocus.

Here is what I have been looking at so that I can move ahead in new & BRAVE ways:

  • people who have improved, impacted or simply been a part of my work
  • work that took way to long and way to much energy  (what did I learn from that?)
  • new clients & new network connections
  • what I started
  • what I ended & why
  • the numbers - of course (.....I operate a private practice to make a living)
  • time spent in personal pursuits - not just work
  • events hosted, both professional and personal
  • my goal list for 2013 - how far did I get, what did I miss, what is no longer relevant (because we all know that does happen!)
It has been an enjoyable few weeks of planning for 2014...all by using that rearview mirror.

Enjoy the last days of the year 2013.....2014 is just around the corner and is bound to be even better, because as leaders, we are even better!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Merriest of Merry

I love getting ready for this very busy time of year.  And now it is here.
I keep my coffee and cocoa (or mocha, or cinnamon tea) close while I think about the wonderful people that have come into my life this year 
- in person, online, in spirit and with heart.
You are why I do what I do.
I am truly grateful.

I wish you the merriest of Merry Christmas & the most wonderful blessings of the season.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bells on Bob Tail Ring?

It's the time of year where Christmas carols abound.  And I find myself tuning into the local 'all-Christmas, all the time' station and sing along (much to my kid's chagrin!).

Hearing the words from "Jingle Bells" I often wonder why many artists seem to butcher the lyrics in a specific line.  The line is 'bells on bob tail rings'...and I often hear 'bells on bob tails ring'.  I actually thought it should be 'bells on Bob's tail ring' - Bob being the horse.

With some Google searching and investigation, I have found that bob-tail is a short tail on a horse....so now I am confused.  Should I go with what it means, or should I stick to my own lyrics and let the artists get away with artistic license in their interpretation?  At the end of the day, the song is still fun to sing and gives great energy and spirit to the season, so does butchering it really matter.  The objective is achieved no matter what the words.

What does all of this have to do with leadership?  Good question.

As I thought about this while preparing for a few Christmas events, I came to realize that as leaders, we appreciate many things at face value because we surround ourselves with the right people (hopefully) and so, give 'artistic license' to those around us.  We may forego investigation and research because we feel the experts know what they are doing.  There are times when, as leaders, we need to do that extra step and be certain we have covered all of our bases.  We need to know that while our thoughts and knowledge may be one thing, that validation or at least more perspective is necessary (I can site the latest news in Ontario about Ornge, where millions of dollars in payouts and more was simply ignored by the Minister in charge of the investigation!)

So Bob's tail rings, bob-tail rings or bob tails ring - really not the issue...the next steps are, especially in reaching the desired outcome.

Think about the current projects that are active in your business.  Where are they now?  Are you sure they are progressing?  Is there a stuck point that is being driven by artistic license and not necessarily focused on the outcome.