Monday, February 25, 2013

Rushing the Relationship

As quickly as a click of a mouse is NOT how you should build relationships.

It takes time to get to know people.  Think about how long it has taken you to get to know yourself?  If you are like me, you are still discovering things about yourself everyday!

Rushing a relationship is not good.  If you remember the Friends episode where Ross has announced he is marrying Emily (another rushed relationship that did not end well), Rachel has a conversation with Joshua about how they are 'click-king' and after 6 meetings should get engaged.  Inevitably, Joshua got scared away.  Why?  No trust, no time to get to know what they each had in common, no understanding of what made each other tick.

Rushing a relationship in business is just the same. If you believe that by attending a networking event you are going to meet people and close the sale in that same evening you are rushing the relationship.

I guess, before we dig into relationship I need to clarify for you that a relationship is not a transaction.  A relationship is time invested by parties to come together to develop trust and find out what they have in common that can help them move each other forward.
a transaction begins and ends quickly with no forethought about next steps or repetition.
Think about with whom you are currently doing business -  with whom do you have relationships and with whom is it a matter of transaction alone.

  • how long did it take you to forge those relationships? (yes, that is the phrase, because it is hard work)
  • what was your gut feeling?  why did you feel it was important to create that relationship start?
  • what makes you not move a relationship forward?
Interesting questions to ask yourself as you develop your business and lead others.  Rushing is never the answer (unless you are a football player!)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rushing the Plan

As you can see rushing makes everything blurry.  You feel like time is flying, but it really is not - you are simply overwhelmed or not using your time efficiently or have procrastinated to the point that everything is piling up.

We have all been there (and if you say you have not, then you have other issues) and the only way to deal with this is to learn from how we got there.  Let's examine the how's:

  • lack of planning
  • not understanding the amount of time things could take
  • getting lost in the flow 
  • finding yourself following 'shiny objects' and becoming distracted
  • prioritization needed review
  • someone hijacked your agenda and you found yourself out of time
Rushing - and blurriness - spend time each week at the beginning to ensure that you have built in some flex time so that you are not rushing to get things done.  Juggle if you need to, asking to move appointments (even if they are with yourself) so that you can ensure quality work and quality time to avoid the blurr!

More on the subject of rushing when it comes to relationships in a later post!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today I am caught.
I am caught not doing a few things....

  • staying up to date on my blog posts
  • checking off my calendar what I wanted/needed to get done
  • creating a pile of stuff to follow up instead of doing
  • ....the list can go on.....laundry, kid's follow up for school ......
What to do when you get caught to?
and then stop whining and wondering what happened, you know what happened, just like I know what happened and instead get started again.
Re-prioritize and perhaps today is the day to put in an extra couple of hours to clean it all up.

It's okay.  Really, it is.
We are human - leaders and those we lead alike - forgive yourself and get going again.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Weather Won't Hurt

Today is the day I, along with my great friend and blogging buddy Frank Abbruzzese are hosting a new group of business owners - startups, actually -  to help them understand the power of the MASTERMIND.

Of course, with the best laid plans, the weather can tend to interfere.  Overnight and right at this moment, while we approach our kick off time, the snow is coming down.  The driveway and walk have been shoveled twice and most likely will need a quick sweep by the time our guests arrive.

Think back to your opportunities in business over the last month - January has literally flown by.  What did you plan to do and did you get it done?  What weather-storms got in the way of your 'best laid plans' and how did you roll with it? As leaders and business owners, this happens all the time - except our reaction to what we cannot control sometimes overshadows what we can do with the lesson that is being given to us.

Think about your reaction to the changes in circumstance - did you get upset? throw up your arms and want to quit? call it off?  Or did you embrace the opportunity - and learn from what came your way?

Not only is this difficult for us a leaders, we need to teach others how to handle the 'weather'.  Taking time to debrief situations like this is critical to ongoing growth and success.

Update:  out of 17 people who confirmed attendance for today 11 showed up!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Coach Needs A Coach

Yes, I have been remiss in sticking to my blogging schedule.
I have had a few notes and reminders lately.
Thinking this through....along with many other things, I have realized that 'the coach needs a coach'.

Example: this week I had an idea - and not sure if that idea was simply a way to avoid doing something that I am completely uncomfortable with or really a good idea that sits better with my brand, I texted a very close and smart individual to talk through the basics and get their feedback.

As a coach, I spend a great deal of time in the businesses of others, recognizing that I need to take my time to work on my own as well - walking my talk is as important to me as it is to my clients.  I am grateful that I have people that I can reach out to to get the coaching I need too.

So think of this - as a leader and a coach for your team - do you need a coach too?  Where do you turn for accountability or brainstorming or seeking new perspectives without going to your middle ranks and blurring lines for them (and for you!)?  Check out Fast Company for great articles on why coaches need coaches.